Cassandra Austin

When Cassandra Austin joined the food service industry as a 15 year old, Women in the commercial kitchen were an anomaly.

29 years later, Cassandra is a Certified Food and Wellness Coach, an accomplished Chef, Consultant and food stylist. Cassandra is qualified in Diet Nutrition and Food psychology.

A Culinary Judge, regional representative for the women’s leadership team in the World association of Chefs Societies and Committee Member.

Cassandra's niche is consulting on Food:

  • Designing and writing recipes for both food service and retail
  • Accurate costing of recipes to contracted costs
  • Recipe testing
  • Modern menu development
  • Food styling
  • Food Photography
  • Blog writing
  • e clips
  • Demonstrations
  • Cook book development

Cassandra has vast international experience having presented to clients in all of Asia the Pacific and parts of the USA.

Mobile: +61 (0) 403 484 775